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Intelligent Mail & Parcel Pick Up Solutions

You need a package distribution solution that's convenient for your internal customers and easy for you to manage.

Your recipients can pick up their package deliveries at their convenience with our computerized parcel delivery lockers.  Best of all it will take you less than a minute to log a package, notify the recipient, and secure the package so only they can pick it up.  All the receipt, route, and pickup data is sent real-time to so you can answer inquires accurately and quickly.

What does a computerized ParcelPods locker system mean to you?
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.39.53



The ability to quickly secure the delivery and notify the recipient means you're free to tend to your more important tasks. The FP ParcelPods can record everything, even when the package is picked up.



Giving your customers 24/7/365 access to their mail, package, grocery, mail order, and dry cleaning deliveries means they can pick up when it's convenient to them. You don't envy have to be there!



You choose indoor or outdoor lockers, type of finish, quantities, size and permanent or variable assignment.

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